Feline Foreplay; How to Seduce Your Lover with Purrfection

Holly, my Tortoiseshell Persian, age 4.

A cat owner is most likely a sensualist with expertise on how to make their pussy purr. A soft gentle massaging rub through its hair makes a sudden rush of gratification. If the pace is effectively right, the beautiful feline friend will sprawl out and open up to their owner’s sensual touch. A dog is a man’s best friend, but a cat has much more to offer. 

My whole life revolved around Himalayan and Persian cats with distinct personalities. I mentioned about Holly, my Tortoiseshell Persian, in my recently published post. My blog post for today will primarily focus on how to use your affection towards your cat to convert it to experience points for seduction with your love life. I am a sensualist because of the way I treat my cats. I never really thought about it until now.  The mutual exchange of affection with my cats helped me become more aware of sensual intimacy with my love life. I never imagined writing about this topic, but these ideas about achieving sensuality experience with a furry friend are invaluable to my blog. If you have a cat, you will understand most of what I am saying. If you have a dog, try to keep up with them from being too forward with you when you lean over to practice.


Head Butts

Furry head butts are extremely playful non-verbal cues of kitty body language. If you lean forward, the cat might bump its head into yours. If you are standing on the floor, your furry friend is most likely ready to play Jaws circling around your legs for the first move. You should also consider something like this strategy towards affectionate attention to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Guys, I do not recommend the way you would imagine head butting your girlfriend. Although head butting suggests striking a head against someone’s forehead, carefully use your nose as a guide! Most women crave the simple remedies of sensual intimacy. I emphasized why communication is important for rekindling relationships in my article, “A Road Trip on a Cul-de-Sac; Rekindling Relationship Butterflies.” The idea of communicating effectively with both verbal and non-verbal cues can send your way to an extremely rewarding night. If  your boyfriend or girlfriend never received a forehead kiss from you yet, start learning now. Before you make that move to kiss their forehead, act like a playful kitten by rubbing your nose against their forehead. If you are sick with a stuffy nose, you better run after it before you make a mess all over their face! Try to stay away from being sick the day you make your feline attempt.

The Transition 

By exchanging playful nose glides across your lover’s forehead, an instant rush of dopamine will help relax the body for a reasonable comfort zone. Try not to overwhelm the situation, but transition with a forehead kiss after at least three glides. The next step is to transition from their forehead to their cheek. Stay on one side of the face to avoid any confusion that you are going to make the next move on their lips. When you kiss their cheek, then you should transition into Eskimo kisses. If you never Eskimo kissed your cat before, you should start doing that now too! A prolonged playful exchange of two noses gliding against each other can warm up the comfort zone. Guys, this is extremely important if you were never this close to her face. The impression that you are not going to kiss them right away builds up the suspense for that next move. If you follow through and complete everything I said, I would recommend something off the topic of what you should not do with your cat.

If you teasingly brush your lips across your lovers’ lips, watch them beg for an actual kiss. The suspense and awkward feeling of making that first attempt to kiss is always overwhelming. The perfect transition from Eskimo kissing is to move further down straight from their nose. You are already there at their face, just lean in and plant a soft one! If you try Eskimo kissing your cat, be as soft and gentle as possible. They will let you know when things are awkward.


In general, I would recommend running your fingers through your lover’s hair while you kiss your lover. If you caress their scalp, you will have them relaxed and ready for your next moves. I massage Holly’s head without the kisses, but you can understand your cat’s body language when you try to make them happy. A cat is very picky about how you touch them. Men and women are also the same way. Never assume that it is perfectly acceptable to tug their hair. You do not want to make that kitty hiss! When you figure out an effective technique on how you massage their scalp, work on the pace. You should never give them a noogie! Balance out everything, and you can now move on further.

cat neck
cat neck (Photo credit: Matt Dinkins)


Men and women have erogenous zones located all over their body for potential gratification and possible arousal. I am not going to guarantee instant gratification and arousal, so claiming it as a potential or possible opportunity would be accurately evaluated. I am not into earlobe sucking, but I do prefer to focus most of my attention on their neck. A cat will never reach their neck without the help of someone else scratching it for them. It is the same idea as someone else scratching that one area of your back that you will never reach without a wooden back scratcher. If you caress their neck and fully enjoy teasing it, results will immediately confirm the effectiveness of your approach. This also works well with cats. Your cat will only lift its head up in the air for a short time while you scratch its neck. If you keep the head positioned right, it will be fine with your affectionate love.

The most rewarding experience from teasing someone’s neck is interpreting the body language of that person. If you softly blow across their neck, they might bite their bottom lip. This is generally a sign of approval. If they seem disgusted or not interested, you probably did something wrong. Unless they are ticklish, excessive laughter is a red flag for not taking you seriously. Try not to overkill the blow. You are not a tornado! The next step you should take with you is the tip of your tongue. The size does matter for tongues because less is usually more. You never need the entire full length of the tongue to deliver a great rush of dopamine throughout their body. I would not recommend licking your cat’s neck, but please communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend when you make this attempt. Tell them why it feels awkward, and suggest something else to them. When you run the tip of your tongue across their neck, you can perfectly transition into kissing. The slightest touch on the neck is the best advice I could give you. Try to give them the lightest kiss possible. They will most likely squirm and beg for more. Switch it up and give them a kiss every other minute. Try the Search and Peck technique that a typist would use, but with the neck. Pick a spot, kiss it and slowly search for another. The object of this game is to prolong the foreplay, but enhance the quality. When you are successful with this section, it is time to dive into something even warmer.


If you are a professional or amateur masseuse or masseur, requests for a simple back massage is extremely demanding. Everyone loves a full body massage when they have a busy work schedule, especially from their own lover. Most mammals enjoy physical intimacy through skin to skin contact, regardless of the relationship status. Unfortunately, prolonged foreplay is either non-existent or lacks the most effective approaches for arousal. A cat will voice its opinions on how you stroke their fur. It may hiss or feel annoyed when you are rubbing too hard or awkwardly moving your hand around to make them uncomfortable. Men and women will also have this similarity with their bodies as well. Try to caress their neck while you run your lips further down to their nipples. When you start to explore different areas, erogenous zones build up with sensual desire when you stimulate them effectively. Although I do not recommend this with your cat, you can also communicate with your lover and suggest to experiment with food as well. When a cat allows you to massage their paws, and then you feel them extend their paws out to stretch, this is progress. They enjoy the relaxing pace, until you stop. When they open their eyes, look back at you, you know you spoiled them. Time to spoil your lover with unconditional love right meow!


  1. As a cat owner, do you feel like your cat has influenced your affectionate side? 
  2. As a dog owner, do you feel like you’re more dominant and rough with your love life?
  3. What is your favorite erogenous zone? How do you like it stimulated?
  4. What makes your pussy purr? Do you buy it toys or unconditional love?
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Feline Foreplay; How to Seduce Your Lover with Purrfection

14 thoughts on “Feline Foreplay; How to Seduce Your Lover with Purrfection

    1. Oh, hey! You’re welcome! Thanks for stopping by! Your article is perfectly related to mine. We both cover the same ideas. That’s pretty awesome! Extra KUDOS for reminding people what should be done about intimacy! We can never get enough sensual intimacy. Take care, man. Continue to straighten those little boys out! Tell them what a woman really needs! 😀

  1. I either need a hot shower or a cat… I’m thinking hot shower. Can’t even consider answering your questions at the moment. OMG!!!
    NICE calves btw!!
    (Blushing ever so much)

    1. Oh, Cookie … maybe your cat needs a hot shower! 😉 Oh, those calves? Thanks! I thought so myself. I wonder what their face looks like! hahaha I’m glad to see you stop by! It’s always a pleasure. 😉

  2. andaislu says:

    Well I have a ginger furball and I can relate to what you said, I think having a cat does make one sensual and more affectionate with their lover. And speaking of erogenous zones…my neck is definitely one of them >< So very nice touch on the topic in this article 😀

    1. Oh, those kitties are extremely adorable! Ah, nice! I’m glad we can connect with this idea. I always had that impression on cat owners. The small dog owners can join us, but I am not quite sure about everyone else with their big dogs. I’m glad I found one of your weak spots. Now, how to get myself over there and tease you … Thanks for stopping by and leaving feedback! It was greatly appreciated. I’ll be out of the house for a while today, so I’ll probably come back later and nail another one by midnight. Take care. 😉

  3. mellchan says:

    I now realize I have been doing things all wrong….I think most of the affection I share is more relatable to that of a dog….jump all over you, slobber, smell your butt 😀

    1. Haha, DOWN GIRL! DOWN! Aw, good gir! Well, I am glad you opened your eyes after this post. It’s a pleasure to have you stop by! Thank you so much for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated. 😀

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