Second Month Blogiversary; Another Monthly Summary of Success

Hey everyone! Two months ago, I could have told myself that I have two options up for grabs. I could become an inspirational blogger with beautiful followers or I could find something else to do during my spare time with my cat. Yeah, the second option seems dull and unproductive. Although Holly, my Tortoiseshell Persian cat, is extremely adorable, I chose the first option. The decision became a rewarding opportunity that sparked the launch date of Prinze Charming. Now, I have opened a network of hopeless romantics coming together with one heart at a time. Whether their hearts are broken, wounded or scarred for life, they have hope after they leave my blog. They have inspiration to move forward. We have each other for no strings attached snuggling. If I chose my cat, I would have never met everyone here. I would have never opened my eyes to see a beautiful crowd of people looking for advice. I am glad I am here. I am glad you all came. Things happen for a reason. I appreciate the support, guidance, and motivation to move forward to the next month.

In honor of my amazing followers, email subscribers, and my successful blog posts,  I would like to announce my second month blogiversary on WordPress! Without a follower, behind every blog would be a lonely blogger. I am glad that I am not a lonely blogger! Thank you so much for that. I might have ended up writing about, “How to Date Your Cat; Interviewing eHarmony’s Cat Lady.” I love the newly established friendships that have sparked two months ago and everyone else who came after. I promised you earlier that I would publish the statistics to show you the difference between the first month and the second month. Well, here they are! Never tell anyone that I never gave you my numbers!

Final Monthly Word Count 

In the month of November, I have written a total of 2,588 words.

In the month of December, I have written a total of 23,029 words.

In the current month of January, I have written a total of 11,937 words.

In two months, a total of 37,554 words melted your heart!

Monthly Post Averages

November (6 posts): 431.33 words per post

December (25 posts): 921.16 words per post.

January (12 posts): 994.75 words per post.

All Time Views: 

The day of posting 1st month blogiversary, 4,205 views.

The minute I am writing this for the 2nd month, 7,760 views

Followers and Likes: 

Email Subscribers

email subs


*Note: I did not include the 417 words above from this post in my results. Therefore, you can figure that out yourself! Obviously, I did not know how many words were going to be in this final post of my 2nd month! Thank you for understanding.





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Second Month Blogiversary; Another Monthly Summary of Success

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